How To Avoid Money Mule Scams?

With the rising number of money mule scams, it becomes imperative that everyone gets wary of them and take steps to protect themselves. One should be smart enough to know the tell-tale signs in order to avoid money mule scams. Money mule scammers try and employ a variety of ways to lure their victims. The prime focus of this article is to help you avoid being money mule.

As these websites are registered just a few days before the emails with the lucrative offers are sent out and also as they are generally up for only a few days or weeks, it make sit difficult to trace them. Therefore the best way out to avoid being money mule, safeguard and protect yourself, rather than get lured by the tempting offers.

To minimize your chances, follow these common sense precautions to avoid becoming money mule:


·        First and foremost, remember that there are no jobs like money forwarding. Global companies have no problem transferring money from one country to another.

·        Therefore be wary about any unsolicited opportunities giving you the chance to make some easy quick money.

·        Be especially wary of the overseas company offering employment, as it would be difficult for you to find out who they really are. Scrutinize them, check their contact details and find out if they are registered.

·        Do not give your bank details to anyone unless you are very very sure that you can trust them.

·        Don't open a new bank account to receive and transfer money from people you don't know anything about.

·        Last but not the least, don’t get lured or tempted by any such offers in  the first place.

Following the above steps and taking the necessary precautions will certainly help you avoid money mule scams.