How To Identify Money Mule Scams?


A recent survey by Internet security outfits has unearthed more than a 1,000 official-looking money mule recruitment websites online! And the number seems to grow.

Most of these sites disappear soon after their objective gets fulfilled. In this article, you will get guidance on how to identify money mule scams. Read on.

Money mule scams have increased manifolds in the past years. Several thousand new money mules are employed in the US alone every year. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for everyone to get wary of them and identifying money mule scams.

Almost all money mule scams use the false job offer to lure the unsuspecting victims. Sometimes, the victim may also be courted online by a scammer pretending to be an attractive member of the opposite sex. He or she will offer the victim many different reasons as to why the victim should receive packages or money transfers on their behalf.

Therefore, be very skeptical of accepting such job offers which involve receiving and sending packages or money transfers for people whom you have never met.

Here are a few guidelines which can help you spot money mule scams:


  1. Money mule offers take a variety of different forms. They generally copy a genuine company's website, having a similar web address to add credibility to themselves.

  2. These advertisements normally project themselves as being an overseas company seeking ‘representatives’ or ‘agents’ to act on their behalf for a certain time period.

  3. The nature of the job involved can vary, but what remains primarily common is the use of your bank account invariably, to move funds.

  4. Another way to identify money mule scam is the uses of poor English with grammatical and spelling mistakes in the advertisements. Therefore, check the ad or email for poor language and grammar.

  5. You may also be advised to not to inform the bank or the police about the reason for making the payments.

  6.  The advertisements may also be inquiring about people with accounts at certain banks, which should help you in identifying money mule scams

Keeping the above mentioned points will certainly help you to recognize money mule scams.