Are Money Mule Scams New?

One day you get an email from an international company with an offer of a dream job. And the job isn’t difficult at all. All you have to do is be an agent for them, a sort of financial intermediary. Your job is to just receive payments for them and then transfer money to them. Obviously, you get a commission on each transaction. With no investment, this really seems too good an opportunity. All one has to do is wire-transfer the money to the company account overseas, after deducting your commission.

You think you can't lose, can you?  Without involving any of your money, you have the power over all incoming and outgoing payments. But something is very wrong. Perhaps you are becoming a part of the money mule scam or have already become one.

Welcome to the world of money mules. And being a money mule is illegal and will get you in serious trouble.


So, are money mule scams new? Money mule scam- is it a new crime? Read on to find the answers. Well, Money mule scams have been around for several years now. It’s only that very few people are aware of it. Most people wrongly assume that once the scammers lay hands on a bunch of identities, they just log in and take out all the money. But the truth is that these identities are in reality just the beginning. They have just opened the ground for international money laundering process and making money mules.

Unfortunately, the number or money mules are increasingly with regularity. Some unsuspecting college student or recent retiree, who want to make more money get nabbed and become victims of the money mule scams. And all the time they thought they were working for a legitimate business.

More recently, crooks, pretending as legitimate business people, have started popping up online in forums and chat rooms. They declare bluntly that they're looking for people to launder money for them, claiming it's perfectly legal to do so. They set up an impressive looking website, using good domain names and thus are successful in establishing their credibility.

 To conclude on- are money mule scams new, it would be correct to say that they have been around for quite some time. It’s only that people are still less aware on them.