What To Do If You Have Become Money Mule?

If you have become money mule, there are some steps to be taken immediately. Like so many other scams, the success of money mule scams nourishes on people's desperation and willingness to get rich quick. If one becomes money mule, it is suggested that you read this article and also pass on the useful info you imbibe here, so as to prevent others from becoming a money mule.


If you have become money mule, this means that you have been receiving stolen money, which may be through bogus sales online or nay other source.  It may even be cash related to crime like drugs and prostitution. The crooks just want to get the money out of the country and are using your account to do so. Being a money mule means that you have been taking a slice of the proceeds of crime and transferring the rest. As you've given your own personal information and details to that phony employment site, you have left yourself open and easy to identity.


If you get caught as being a money mule, then the following may happen:


  • Your bank account will be ceased and probably closed down.

  • You will be held responsible for making good on the losses to all the victims whose money you have been handling.

  • You will also have to give away your earnings in form of those "commission" payments, as they are part of fraud.

  •  Your financial reputation will be in a mess.

  • You could also land in jail.


What to do if you have become money mule? Well, as soon as you realize it, it is important to contact both your bank and law enforcement. It may be embarrassing and painful situation to be in. But it is certainly much better than landing in courts and ending up behind bars. The concerned law authorities will offer all the help and advice about what to do if one becomes money mule.

The real culprit behind the crime would have disappeared long time back with the loot and perhaps is already searching for another sucker to be a money mule. Now, do those get rich quick schemes sound lucrative?